Elrosé Clothing
Is an Independent online womenswear boutique

Notorious SEO

Who Are
Elrosé Clothing?

Elrosé is an independent, online womenswear boutique which came to Notorious in their infancy, to help guide them through the challenging process of starting an online business from scratch. Elrosé offers a great range of high quality investment garments which require a high-quality and sophisticated marketing plan to match.

What Was The Problem?

Elrosé needed a high quality website to enhance consumer confidence and to increase brand awareness through social media. They were aware that social media would be an effective strategy for driving traffic to their website, but were apprehensive in starting a marketing campaign without a high calibre website to generate sales.

How We Were Able To Help…

We began by building an elegant shopify website which offered great insights with real time data and analytics on what pages were yielding success and notification on orders and receipts.   

After the website was constructed, we worked with elrosé on a marketing strategy to generate traffic to their website that will result in sales. From identifying the target avatar we had many options of how we can market elrosé clothing, however with elrose being a start up business it was important to go for the most cost effective solution to get the best results.

After discussion on the various merits and costs of multiple marketing strategies, it was decided to use social media influencers initially to build brand awareness, then employ targeted ads to drive highly relevant traffic to their site. With the data insights gathered from both strategies, we were better able to create effective organic and paid marketing methods.
This resulted in 902% ROAS!

Lets start our journey together now