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What should your SEO Strategy be?

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SEO is an excellent way for businesses to grow and take advantage of the massive opportunities the internet presents. The question of how is different for every case, SEO is certainly not a one size fits all business growth hack.
Strategy is the key to a successful SEO campaign, analysing the data and identifying achievable opportunities aligned to your business objectives, then creating a road map of tasks required to achieve these goals sets out a straightforward route to success.
Notorious Online Strategy offering is for supporting businesses with knowledge of SEO however looking for guidance and expertise on how to grow their SEO or how to utilise SEO for a new business goal, that requires a different strategy for growth.
Our SEO Strategy can also be used for businesses where all the tools and data analytics is overwhelming and a clear task roadmap would be useful for them to have and use their own resources to carry out an SEO Campaign.

What is included within SEO Strategy:

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is similar to the foundations when building a house it is important that when building an SEO strategy that it is done so on strong foundations, our technical SEO audit is like a car MOT for your website where we identify anything that requires fixing.

Keyword Research

After discussing your business and your objectives we use our skills to identify the opportunity within SEO that can help you achieve these goals. We look at keywords and phrases your target market will be using to find your business and identify which should be targeted as a priority based of your business goals.

Content Strategy

Content is king and an important part pillar in any SEO campaign. We analysis what content is required based of keyword research and create a strategy of what content is required to rank for the targeted keywords.

Backlink Research

As part of SEO strategy, we review your current website authority, we will identify digital PR opportunities that will link back to your website and build authority. Enhancing website authority will help compete for more competitive keywords as well as bring traffic to your website.

Head of SEO - Kevin Wiles

Kevin has years of experience in SEO, from starting out in the early 2000’s Kevin has seen many changes over the years in the industry, developing a deep understanding of search engines and how they work. This knowledge has been utilised by Global brands such as Heineken & Nestle, large enterprises like Halfords as well as local SME’s.
Having worked with the big businesses Kevin now works on utilising this experience and strategic knowledge to empower SME’s across the UK with his knowledge of SEO to drive business growth.

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getting results from SEO takes time. There’s no exact answer on how long does it usually take to get SEO results but we can give you an idea about it.

It usually takes 6 to 8 months (or at least 1 year if you’re entering into a competitive industry) to start getting results such as search visitors, leads and sales to your sites from search engines like Google.

You’ll considerably be getting better results as you continue doing SEO for long time when compared to short term results. That means whatever the search traffic that you get to your site in the first 6 months will be much lesser when compared to the next 6 months and so on.
There’s no simple answer for increasing your website’s search engine traffic. You should just remember one thing that, it takes a lot of time, efforts and money to get quality traffic to your sites from search engines.
Search engines like Google don’t trust new websites and that’s why you need to work really hard to increase your website authority, backlink profile, content quality etc in order to start ranking higher on Google search results.
That being said, here are few proven ways to increase your search engine traffic to your sites in 2022 and beyond.
  • Do proper keyword research: If you want to get more search traffic, you need to find keywords that are less competitive and has decent search volume for you to send targeted visitors from search. Use tools like Semrush, Keyword Planner to find keywords with 500 or below monthly searches and you can easily get first page rankings with informative content.
  • Do proper on page optimization: On page SEO is the key when it comes to ranking well for your targeted keywords. The simple way to do that is to install WordPress SEO plugin which has been mentioned above in the same post.
  • Get as many links as possible: Make sure to attract as many QUALITY backlinks as possible from other sites to your content. The more relevant links you build, the higher your web pages rank in Google search because Google gives top priority to the pages with more quality and relevant backlinks.
  • Promote as much as you can: There’s no way to get increase your search traffic without the initial push. That means you have to promote well to get comments, increase your social shares, bring links from others etc in order for your content to rank well.
  • Long form of content is the key: Last but not least: don’t create generic or thin content. Almost every blog post that you see in top 3 search results on Google (for any industry) contains more than 2000+ words. That means, Google gives top priority to the sites with long form of content, so start creating such content if you want to increase your search traffic.
Yes, your website speed and loading times impact your overall search engine rankings of your website. In fact, website speed is one of the most important ranking factors in Google search.
First things first: spending on SEO is not an expense, it’s an investment that gets you 10-fold or 100-fold return if done right. That’s why so many agencies and entrepreneurs are spending millions of dollars every month on SEO experts and agencies to bring more value from search engines to their products, services, and websites.
Whether you’re writing a book and looking for better ways to promote it or running a small business to generate more better leads, you need the help of search engines. Here’s where SEO comes in handy.
You can either hire an SEO agency or an expert to do these things for you;
  • Content marketing
  • Increasing your website search traffic
  • Tracking your keyword rankings
  • Frequent site audits etc
Here are some of the benefits of investing money on SEO.
  • Increased search traffic
  • Better brand recognition
  • Higher ROI
  • Helps you get more leads
  • Increases your website sales and so much more

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