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Strategy: What is the process?

So, what is the process?

First off, we’ll chat with you and help you decide whether a marketing strategy is a good option for your business. You see, we’re not just here to take your money if it’s not something you’ll benefit from.
If it is, we’ll get to work building your customer avatar. This will happen over Zoom with our strategist, Roy, who’ll spend an hour getting to know your business and understanding your target audience.
During the next session — usually a day later — we’ll look at the message we want to deliver to your target audience. And don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas. We’ll come with our fair share of ideas that we’ve thought up from the previous call.

The aim is to work out who we are talking to, what message we need to send and how we are going to send it.

We’ll then look at what channels we’re going to use to deliver this message. It could be SEO, social media or email. We’ll then look at the data to see how big the audience is and how many people we can reach using each channel — which will ultimately help us pick which one to use. Throughout the process, we’ll help you understand everything we’re doing and why we’re doing it. This includes teaching you about the marketing channels so you feel part of the process and confident enough to chip in with ideas.
Then we’ll work out how to deliver the message on the channel(s) we’ve picked. Also, we’ll decide who is going to take on which tasks, and what needs to be done to complete.
Once we’ve done this, we’ll create a document that outlines everything we’ve agreed that we can use as a reference along the way.
If you’re happy, we’ll then start working together.

Great. So what’s the next step?

The next thing to do is book your pre strategy call. This allows us to get to know your business and goals and help you decide whether our marketing strategy is the right fit for your business.
You can find out more about our marketing strategy, like how much it costs and how it can transform your business by following these links. Oh, and click here to see some of our results.

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