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WaaS: What will it cost?

Every website is different, and the costs change depending on the requirements of your website and how much work is involved, so it’s not so straightforward to give an accurate quote. Though, the average cost for a brochure website with ten pages or less is £250 per month.

How do we work out the cost?

You’ll be glad to know that we haven’t just plucked that number out of thin air. There are three main costs when creating a website. They are:
Here’s a breakdown of each one:

The cost of the website

This varies depending on the requirements. For example, a site with 15 pages will cost more than a site with five. An eCommerce site with fancy features (that requires additional design work and coding) will cost more than a portfolio website. It all depends on the site and how much time and how many resources go into building it. But no matter how simple or complex the website is, the process stays the same. We’ll work out the cost and then break it down into smaller, monthly chunks.

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