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Imagine a world with a webs design agency you can trust
At Notorious Online we provide fuss-free online marketing solutions that will expand your reach, drive sales, and better your business. Our full-service digital agency will bring your business to the forefront, delivering your customers right to your doorstep with our bespoke website design. Our services of web design Coventry are different by offering a strategic approach to building a website that works for your business to generate inquiries, we wrap all of this into service and develop a partnership to work with your business over a long-term period.

Benefits of a website that works for your business

Having a website that works for you is paramount to running a successful company. With the rise of the digital age, more and more businesses are finding it hard to keep up. That’s where we come in. These days, the credibility of your company is based on your online presence, particularly if you’re a SME. Having a well-built strategically created website with a user experience, to guide your potential customers on a journey to the enquiry form will increase the business you generate online, providing your customer with all the information they need will raise you above your competitors and give you an edge on the market. Our web design service will push you to the top, engage your target audience, boost your online presence, and increase customers, resulting in your business achieving its goals.

Notorious Online website offering

We’re here for you, to bring your vision to life, whether you already have a marketing strategy or looking for advice on how to tackle digital marketing and make it work for your business. We don’t believe that using a good quality website design agency should be a one-time wonder so our web design plans are in the form of a monthly service that we provide to build and maintain your online presence. Our skills and techniques will result in a website you can truly be proud of. Our focus goes beyond the web creative design aesthetics, it is our goal to produce highly functioning sites that offer web design that is focused on the marketing of your business towards your goal. Our collaborative approach means you get what is best for you and your business, working together to generate the best bespoke website for your business, using your knowledge of your business and our knowledge of digital marketing. Our bespoke website creation will put you a cut above the rest. Contact us today to see how our web design Coventry can re-figure your existing website, or build you a totally new one for your customers to have the best user-friendly experience.

Notorious Online Process

f you’re running a small to medium enterprise (SME) in Coventry then it’s likely you don’t have the time or resources to build and maintain a strong website that works to bring you success. That’s where we come in. Our website design agency in Coventry does all the hard work for you, meaning you can focus on what you do best – managing your company.
Our website as a service team offers a helping hand, with three levels of care that will take you from an under performing domain name to a successful online brand with full responsive web design and search engine optimisation that will push your business growth to new heights.

Bespoke Website Creation

We can build a new website individually tailored to you that targets all your business goals. Our creative team of web designers will offer an initial consultation, then construct web pages based on your brief, that are aesthetically pleasing, informative, and easy to use. We focus on the user journey, meaning that your customers will have an enjoyable experience from their first site viewing, all the way to the end sale. As well as making your new website stand out from the crowd, we focus on web development and search engine optimisation, meaning your website pages perform as good 

as they look. Our proven track record shows that we are deeply committed to the creative process, taking your ideas, and fusing them with our innovative outlook and abilities. Already have an existing website? That’s no problem either. Our talented team can take your current website and add incorporate our custom web design process with our digital marketing strategies to build web pages that are focused on your exact requirements, that receive more traffic, with an attention to SEO.

Other Services

Managed Website

Whilst a fantastic website is vital to your business, keeping it up to date is just as important. Rather than letting your new site decay, your dedicated account manager will be by your side, able to make any changes you require and keep any information up to date. Have a new product to add to the website? No problem. Want to incorporate new positive reviews? No problem. Have a new page that you need to add to the website as your business has grown and adapted? No Problem! Nothing is too much trouble for our web design team, and we are here to guide you through your growth. As well as making the content-managed changes you need, your account manager will update your website with any changes that will create a more user-friendly experience and generate better results.

Maintained Website

As well as keeping your website looking good, we also ensure it stays in peak working condition. Slow websites are one of the quickest ways to alienate your clients, so we undertake regular services to make sure everything runs quickly and smoothly. That goes for security too. Keeping your site safe is of the utmost importance to us. Our technicians use top-tier web hosting servers to guarantee the best performance and security possible.

Why Notorious Online?

Fixed Monthly Cost

We know that growing a small business can be expensive, so we don’t ask for one big upfront cost. Instead, we offer a monthly payment plan for our clients that cover your website creation, your managed account, and website maintenance. This way you won’t end up out of pocket for changes that you make, and you can keep your website budget tight. There are no nasty surprises with our fixed monthly rate.

Strategy Focused

Our job is to build you a website that is the ultimate tool for your business needs. Whilst we are committed to making your website pages look smart, we understand that the cornerstone to your success is a fully responsive website that performs at its best. Your site is only as good as the traffic it gets so we curate a digital strategy with the purpose of generating results. We provide business-driven web design in Coventry for business people in the West Midlands. Your website is the dynamic focal point for your marketing, and we ensure it represents your business properly at all times.

Honest and Transparent

We believe that good working relationships are a major factor for success, so we are dedicated to being honest and transparent with our clients at all times. Our web design Coventry is successful thanks to our deeply evolved partnerships with small businesses and we pride ourselves on these foundations.

Our Goals

Our aim at Notorious Online is to help SMEs in Coventry grow their business by a significant amount. We are prepared to go above and beyond to be the drivers of your online success. Our committed approach to effective web design will offer you a website service like no other and we are here to help you lead in a saturated digital market. Our mission is to help you have the site you’ve always wanted but never knew how to achieve.

Search engine optimisation

We are a big believer that SEO enables business websites to succeed. There is little point in creating a beautiful site that gets no views thanks to its lack of SEO. Your target audience in the West Midlands will likely be using search engines to shop around and choose their products and services. Google search results matter, and SEO is the key to pushing you up the search engine’s website pages. Whilst SEO is a vital component of successful website design, it’s not easy to master. That’s where we come in! We have an SEO team that can help advice on the best practice when building a website so that you have the correct foundations laid for future SEO campaigns.

Case studies

We know picking a web design agency can be a big deal , so rather than leave you relying on our opinion you can check out some case studies. We’ve asked some of our top clients who have experienced our web design in Coventry first hand, to offer up their thoughts on our methods. Check them out!

Call To Action

If you’re interested in hearing more about who we are and what we do as a web design agency then give us a call or email. We would love to have a chat with you about your web design projects and how we can assist. Our website design in Coventry is here for you.

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