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What is Website as a Service?

The website option for SME’s, a service created specifically with SME’s in mind to help them grow their business through a website that works for them to generate business online without making a dent in the cash flow.

Bespoke Website

We build all our websites fully bespoke created around the detailed brief based on the strategy focussed on your business objectives. We take a lot of time working to create a website that works for your business, this includes creating bespoke user journeys and designs suited to your business. The quality of the website is important and we leave no stone unturned in the creation of your website.

Managed website

We have all been there, spent months creating the perfect website and then once it has been created, let it decay away not keeping up with your business. We offer a dedicated account manager to manage your website and keep in touch with you to make sure that the website represents your business and can make any changes you request. Your account manager will also make suggestions on changes to your website which could generate better results.
Websites are dynamic focal points for your business’ marketing, make sure they are representing your business correctly at all times.

Maintained website

The headache of software updates, a website starting to become slow or the fear of potential security breaches can be alleviated by our team of technicians that carry out updates and make sure the site is always at optimal performance.
Hosted we host our websites on top of the range servers to guarantee the best performance and security

Fixed Monthly Cost

No big upfront cost, payments are spread out which helps cash flow, not only this but this is a fixed cost for your website no surprise invoices for changes required to the website or no annual hosting cost, all costs involved in your website are tied into a fixed monthly rate.

Why Notorious Online?

Strategy focussed

Our focus when building a website is making sure it is a tool that works for your business a website is only as good as the traffic it gets. We make sure that your investment in a website will not be wasted and is built with the strategic purpose of generating results.
We are not a ‘creative agency’ we are a marketing agency, we provide business websites from business people. Our passion is in business, not art

Honest and Transparent

The process of building a website requires a good working relationship. To have a good working relationship both sides need to be honest and transparent, with these foundations in place the best working relationship will thrive and the results will follow.

Our goals

Our aim at Notorious Online is to help SME’s grow their business, we are aware that our success is reliant on the success of our customers therefore we go above and beyond to provide the best service that will help your business grow, if your business grows so will ours.

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