It’s about getting your business seen

So you have a website. And on that website you have products or services or both. Nice one. But have you thought about how people are going to find them?
While you might not have the answer, we do. And it goes by the name of Notorious SEO.

Why Notorious SEO

Small businesses need an SEO strategy that’s built specifically for small businesses, and not a watered-down version of what an enterprise gets, which is what most agencies will give you.
But not here. From the cost to the way we approach things, Notorious SEO is built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Better still, it’s honest, open and 100% transparent.
Most agencies thrive off winning big-money clients, but not us. What gets us out of bed in the morning is seeing you land your dream gig and growing year after year.

Why we’re different

There are loads of SEO agencies out there, but none like us for small businesses. Here’s why our clients love us:


Gone are the days of being left in the dark by your SEO agency. We’ll keep you in the loop at all times, explaining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We’ll even show you how much we’re making from your project. I mean, how many other agencies can say that?

We educate you as we go

Confused about SEO? We’ll educate you as we go to make sure you fully understand everything we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Even when we’re working behind the scenes on all the techy stuff, you’ll know about it.

Free from jargon

SEO can be complicated. Throw a bunch of tech terms into the mix and you’re going to be more confused than a blind camel in a desert. So to keep things simple, we use plain language and big words only if they’re necessary. And if they are, we’ll explain what they mean, so you know what we’re ... Loadmore

Always learning

Google is constantly changing. New algorithm updates, ranking factors and search engine changes — there’s a lot to keep up with. Our team put in a shift to make sure they’re clued up on all the latest things that might impact your business.

How we deliver results for your business

The Strategy will be the backbone of your SEO. Here, we’ll build your ideal customer avatar, put together a marketing strategy, look at how we’re going to deliver your message and decide what channels to use.
We’ll create a strategy that’s tailored to your business and gets you results. We can also work with an existing strategy, analysing your latest successes and areas for improvement. Next, we’ll come up with a Process. This will be a detailed plan of all the tasks we need to carry out month by month, along with the expected results.
Communication is key to SEO. You’ll have access to our project management tool, Trello, so you know what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. We’ll also set up regular meetings (on your preferred channel) to go through ideas, opportunities and results.

Why is SEO important?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your business show up on Google when people search for the type of thing you offer.

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