Ekleer, a cutting-edge monitor brand known for its innovative and unique range of portable and office monitors, embarked on a journey to develop a website that mirrors its global vision and technological prowess. Faced with the challenge of catering to a diverse international audience, Ekleer needed a digital platform that could dynamically adapt to different languages based on user location. This case study explores the development of a multilingual website that showcases Ekleer’s advanced products and enhances global accessibility and user engagement.

Ekleer: A Vision of Innovation

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Ekleer stands at the forefront of monitor technology, offering various monitors that blend design, functionality, and cutting-edge features. With a commitment to innovation, Ekleer aims to reach a global market, necessitating a website that speaks to customers in their native language, ensuring a personalised and inclusive experience.

The Challenge 

The project aimed to create a website that could market Ekleers monitors and drive global sales. The website must automatically detect the user’s geographical location and present content in the corresponding local language. This feature was critical for providing an intuitive and seamless experience to Ekleer’s diverse customer base, making information about its innovative monitors easily accessible to all.


The team faced several key challenges in developing Ekleer’s multilingual website:

  • Market the Ekleer monitors and their innovative features in the correct way to increase global sales. 
  • Implementing an efficient IP detection system to identify the user’s location accurately.
  • Developing a URL structure that supports language-specific paths (e.g., “/KO/” for Korean) to facilitate easy navigation and sharing of localised content.

Our Approach

To address these challenges, the team devised a comprehensive strategy that integrated both technical sophistication and design excellence:

Product-Centric Design: 

The website was designed to showcase Ekleer monitors’ unique features and design aesthetics strongly. High-quality imagery, interactive product demos, and detailed specifications were employed to highlight the innovation behind each monitor, ensuring that the products were the centrepiece of the user experience.

Dynamic Language Adaptation: 

Leveraging advanced geo-IP technology, the website was equipped to automatically detect the user’s location and seamlessly transition to the corresponding language version, ensuring a personalised browsing experience. This adaptation extended to product descriptions, ensuring that the innovative features of Ekleer monitors were accurately conveyed in every language.

Intuitive Navigation and Localisation: 

A sophisticated URL structure was implemented to support language-specific paths, making it easy for users to navigate the site and share content within their local communities. This approach also optimised the site for search engines in different regions, enhancing visibility and driving global traffic.

Technical Implementation

The technical implementation of the Ekleer website was a complex endeavour that involved creating a responsive design framework to ensure the site’s optimal performance across various devices, from desktops to smartphones, thus providing a consistent and engaging user experience that complements the sleek design of Ekleer monitors. A flexible content management system was seamlessly integrated, enabling the effortless update of product listings, language options, and other content, which was crucial for maintaining a dynamic and current online presence. Furthermore, the site was meticulously optimised for e-commerce functionalities, with clear calls to action and a streamlined checkout process designed to facilitate the smooth transition from product discovery to purchase, enhancing the overall user journey and contributing to a seamless shopping experience.

UX Design 

The user experience design of the Ekleer website was meticulously planned to facilitate a seamless and engaging exploration of Ekleer’s extensive range of monitors. The cornerstone of this design strategy was a well-thought-out information architecture, which was carefully organised to lead users through a logical progression of content. Starting with an introduction to Ekleer’s innovative technology and core design principles, the website naturally transitions visitors through to detailed presentations of individual products, culminating in the opportunity to purchase. This structured approach ensured that users experienced a coherent and gratifying journey through the site, effectively bridging the gap between initial interest and the final decision to buy, thereby enhancing the overall user engagement with the Ekleer brand.

The Outcome

Following the launch of the multilingual Ekleer website, the platform witnessed a remarkable surge in user engagement, evidenced by the increased time visitors spent delving into the product details and unique features, which in turn fostered a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Ekleer brand. The strategic decision to overcome language barriers significantly widened the website’s appeal, drawing in a more diverse global audience and leading to a noticeable boost in international traffic and sales. Furthermore, the sleek design, user-friendly interface, and compelling presentation of Ekleer’s innovative monitors garnered widespread praise. 

Business Success

The Ekleer website stands as a testament to the power of combining cutting-edge design with advanced technical features to create a digital platform that showcases a brand’s products and enhances its global reach and market presence. Through its focus on product-centric design and user-friendly experience, the website has successfully positioned Ekleer as a leader in the monitor technology space, appealing to a broad and diverse audience of tech enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.


What the client had to say

Matthew Chung