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Notorious Online partnered with Perks Mobile to develop a unique online presence. The Website required an innovative solution to facilitate order placements through a customised, multi-step form, enhancing user experience and lead capture efficiency.

Perks Mobile 


Perks Mobile offers a unique service by providing business employees SIM cards at reduced costs, adding value to corporate benefits packages. A robust digital platform was essential to articulate this value proposition to businesses and their employees effectively.

The Challenge 

Perks Mobile required a digital platform that conveyed its unique offering and facilitated a seamless sign-up process for businesses without traditional e-commerce transactions. The primary objective was to design a user-friendly website that aligns with Perks Mobile’s brand and business goals.

The project’s main challenge was to devise a system that allows for the complex collection of user information necessary for signing up for Perks Mobile’s services without the traditional e-commerce checkout process. This system needed to be engaging, user-friendly, and capable of capturing data at various stages to minimise the risk of losing potential leads due to form abandonment.

Our Approach

Notorious Online developed a tailored solution leveraging Gravity Forms to create a multi-step form that enhanced the user journey. This form allowed an intuitive user experience, breaking down the sign-up process into manageable steps that kept users engaged without overwhelming them. There was concern regarding user dropout due to the amount of information required for signing up.; the form was engineered to capture data at each stage, ensuring that even partially completed sign-ups could be followed up on.

Technical Implementation

The Gravity Form was intricately customised to meet Perks Mobile’s unique requirements. It featured conditional logic that dynamically adapted to user inputs, creating a personalised experience for each user. The form was seamlessly integrated into the Website, maintaining the aesthetic and functional harmony of the user interface. Backend integration ensured that data captured was systematically stored for easy access and follow-up by Perks Mobile’s team.


The user-centric design of the sign-up process was a critical project component. The form’s layout, pacing, and interactive elements were refined through multiple iterations, guided by user feedback and usability testing. This ensured the final design was aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, contributing to an overall positive user experience.

The Outcome

The Perks Mobile website is up and running providing employees with exclusive pricing on sim cards. 

The data capture strategy proved effective, enabling Perks Mobile to engage with leads more effectively and convert them into customers.

This project underscored the importance of flexibility and user-centred design in digital solutions. The success of the multi-step form has opened avenues for further enhancements, such as integrating more personalised user engagement features and leveraging analytics for continuous improvement.

Business Success

The partnership between Notorious Online and Perks Mobile exemplifies how innovative digital solutions can transform business challenges into opportunities, enhancing user engagement and conversion. The unique order placement system developed for Perks Mobile’s website sets a new benchmark for user-friendly design, allowing businesses to achieve remarkable engagement and conversion rates.


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Perks Mobile