The requirements

Due to rapid growth, Cleartec had outgrown its current website and wanted to update the website to reflect the new services offered, they also wanted to update the design of the website to give them a fresh brand identity. These were not small changes to each page Cleartec wanted to revamp the website as a whole.

Client profile


Cleartec creates a smarter workplace for businesses through digital transformation. Providing technology advisory services to growing businesses, bridging the gap between people and technology.

The process

We were already working in partnership with Cleartec using our website as a service offering, this meant there was no headache around costs or quotes and comparing quotes for the website design and development costs. It was straight forward phone call to let us know what they wanted to do and the direction they were going, we loved the idea.

We arranged a Teams call to discuss ideas and build a brief for the new homepage, we discussed the new product offering and what target market they were now looking to approach, and what would appeal to them. We discussed the goals of the business and the target pages for the website and how we wanted the homepage to navigate to these pages. Finally, we reviewed the website from which they had sought inspiration and the aspects they liked and didn’t like from these websites. This helped us to create an in-depth brief alongside, a wireframe for the website which we passed on to our designers.

A week later we came back to Cleartec with 5 homepage designs, based on the brief we had discussed.

Once we presented back the designs to Cleartec we met again to discuss the designs, which was the preference of the designs presented back, and what amends to make using other sections from some of the designs as inspiration to create the best design. Amends were made and the design was signed off.

Using the homepage design we took the design flow and implemented it across the internal pages of the website the content had been created had been taken from the existing website with content provided for the new services, and we were able to build wireframes for the internal pages for the designers to then implement the design flow and user journey for the internal pages of the website. This was then mapped out on a Miro board for client approval before we then developed these pages into the staging website.

The development link allowed the customer to review the website across all devices and experience the user journey and identify any changes required from using the website as a user. This also allows us to test all the functionality on the website in preparation for launch.

The outcome

Cleartec’s new website has allowed them to approach their new target market with confidence in knowing that their sales team can refer back to their website knowing it is the perfect representation of their business and has all the information on the new services they offer.

Having a website that is up to date with their business and can provide all the information on the services they offer is a huge asset to Cleartec’s business and has allowed them to grow their business.


What the client had to say

mark perkins