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The requirements

The Techsol Group is a managed service provider and experts in digital transformation. They work with businesses to plan, prepare, and implement integrated technologies to revolutionise the way they work.

Techsol Group is headquartered in Cardiff but also operates in the South West of England; Techsol group wanted to replicate the success of their Cardiff rankings for Cornwall Search terms.



The objectives were clear: Techsol wanted to rank in the top position for ‘IT Support Cornwall’ and generate more enquiries for IT support in this area they service.

Initial Analysis & Strategy Development

Initial Analysis & Strategy Development

Having already carried out a full website analysis and made changes to make sure the SEO foundations where in place, our focus was on the on-page and off-page analysis for ‘IT support Cornwall’ phrase we carried out competitor analysis and identified what was required to help us rank. We built a strategy based of our analysis to drive us to page 1 for the IT Cornwall search term.


We followed our strategy; our primary focus was to work the On-page aspects of our SEO strategy, with a priority on creating a specific landing page for ‘IT Support Cornwall’ and building cluster content to provide search engines with more information on the topic.

With our focus on a specific keyword and having created a specific landing page, our focus was on generating links back to the specific location ranking page as a way of boosting the specific target landing page above our competitors.

With the search term, we focused on being location-specific; this created another ranking opportunity. Google map pack allowed us to optimise Techsol’s Google My Business page, allowing users to find Techsol group website not only from the organic listing but the map view.

Results and Analysis

Page 1

Google for
IT Support Cornwall




Leads Generated
Over 12 month period

Ranking Improvements

Prior to carrying out our SEO campaign, Techsol Group was not ranking for “IT Support Cornwall.” they now rank on page 1 for this phrase, generating new business enquiries within this area.

Traffic Growth

364% Increase in users to the site.

Conversion Rate Improvement

Techsol have generated 58 Business enquiries over a 12-month period.

Business Success

Techsol Group has gone from strength to strength over the recent years, Doubling their revenue and increasing staff size considerably, Notorious Online are extremely proud to have played a part in that journey.


What the client had to say

Rachel Mchugh

Head of Growth and Marketing

Techsol Group