Enhance Systems


The requirements

Enhance wanted to grow their business and increase marketing efforts online, they wanted to drive more traffic to their website with SEO, but knew that to convert this traffic they would need a website that can convert.

Client profile


For over 20 years Enhance Systems have been providing IT services to businesses throughout Northern Ireland.

Enhance are not just your ‘IT Company’, they are your IT Partner and Trusted Advisor, ensuring their customers get the best out of their Technology! They provide a full complement of Managed Services including, IT Support, Network, Cyber Security, Microsoft 365 and Managed Backup.

The process

We discussed targets with David at Enhnace and generated an understanding of where they wanted their business to go. After this discussion, we had a really good idea of what Enhance both wanted and needed from their digital marketing and how this would appeal to their target market.

After the consultation with Enhance, we put into action a strategy for driving new business enquiries through the website, this started with a building a website that can convert traffic. We started our website design process to build a website for Enhance systems, We created a aesthetically pleasing website design with a clear user journey that will convert traffic for Enhance systems.

We built the website with SEO in mind taking into consideration technical performance of the website building great foundations for a campaign. With the foundations set we built an SEO roadmap for our SEO strategy and the tasks required to achieve the results and when we will be carrying out those tasks. The On page and Off Page SEO taks over the next 6 months had been assigned to the team to carry out. With monthly updates provided to Enhance on the tasks carried out each month and the progress of the campaign.

The outcome

Enhance now have a fresh new website and we are carrying out the tasks in our roadmap to drive more traffic to the Enhance website which will convert into business enquiries for their services.