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In 2023, Techsol Group merged with Amitech IT; the merger allowed Techsol Group to merge its technology companies that provide different technology solutions into one company that provides a holistic approach to supporting businesses with technology for them to grow.

Having worked with Notorious Online, Amitech IT had lots of keywords that were ranking in strong positions generating traffic, and it was essential to maintain the traffic to the website when moving from the Amitech IT website to the Techsol Group website. Our focus was on preserving traffic and search volume.



Our objective was to merge the Amitech IT website with Techsol Group without a loss to the website traffic and maintaining the current ranking keywords from Amitech IT to now point and rank to Techsol Group Website. 

Pre-Merger Analysis

Before the merger, Techsol Group website was not a website that needed information on the services provided by the group. It had separate brands that would have their websites to market the services they provide within each business division.

Amitech IT was one of these websites and had been well-optimised to generate traffic through specific keywords related to the services provided. Our priority was to make sure that we kept the traffic and rankings once we migrated over to Techsol Group domain. Our aim was to make Google aware that everything Amitech IT ranked for Techsol Group website should now rank for.

SEO Considerations Focused on Traffic and Keyword Rankings

Preserving and enhancing traffic and keyword rankings are paramount when merging two digital entities. Here’s what we focused on:

Traffic Retention

Ensuring that existing visitors of Amitech IT weren’t lost in the transition. This involved detailed analytics reviews to understand traffic sources and patterns, ensuring the merger unaffected primary traffic drivers.

301 Redirects

Leveraging redirects, especially for high-traffic pages, to ensure users and search engines found the right pages post-merger, preserving the SEO value.

Keyword Mapping

Assessing the keyword profiles of both sites to understand overlaps and gaps. This ensured the new entity could maintain its keyword strengths while capitalising on new opportunities.

Content Consolidation

Ensuring content that ranked well for specific keywords was retained or merged without diluting its relevance.

Avoiding Keyword Cannibalisation

With two sites merging, there was potential for multiple pages competing for the exact keywords. We strategised to ensure each keyword-targeted page had a clear intent and purpose, avoiding internal competition.

Backlinks and Off-Site SEO

Recognising that a significant portion of a site’s authority (and thus its ranking power) comes from backlinks, we ensured that major referring domains were informed of the change and, wherever possible, had those links updated to the new URLs.

Strategy & Implementation

A rigorous SEO audit pinpointed strengths and overlaps. Content from Amitech was strategically mapped onto Techsol’s platform. Over 500 301 redirects ensured user and SEO continuity. Backlinks were notified of the domain change, and technical SEO groundwork was laid out meticulously, from sitemaps to canonical tags.

Pop up message

When creating redirects, we wanted customers to only land on an unexpected website with a warning, so we created a pop-up message to appear when landing on a page that had been redirected from the Amitech website. This created a better user experience to inform customers and reduce bounce rates.


Our migration was successful, with Techsol Group maintaining all the keyword ranking positions and traffic from the Amitech IT website to the Techsol Group website.


What the client had to say

Rachel Mchugh

Head of Growth and Marketing

Techsol Group