Creation of the Skull Gaming Brand



The requirements

Skull Gaming, a burgeoning name in the computer gaming retail industry, embarked on a journey to curate a brand identity that would appeal to its target market and resonate with gaming enthusiasts worldwide. This case study delves deep into the intricate processes and strategies shaping Skull Gaming’s distinctive brand identity.

The computer gaming industry is saturated with retailers offering various components, accessories, and gaming setups. For a newcomer, establishing a distinct brand identity is desirable and necessary. Skull Gaming recognised this challenge and aimed to curate an identity that would catch the eye and stay in the mind.



The primary objective for Skull Gaming was to craft a brand identity that resonated with gaming enthusiasts, mainly those aged 15-35, while distinguishing itself in a market saturated with established brands. Additionally, the branding needed versatility, adapting seamlessly across different platforms and mediums.

Research &  Analysis

Extensive market research was conducted to understand:


  1. Current branding trends in the gaming industry.
  2. Preferences and dislikes of the target demographic.
  3. The gap in existing branding strategies of competitors.


The analysis revealed that while many competitors focused on futuristic or abstract designs, there was an opportunity to tap into a more raw, edgy aesthetic that many gamers identify with.


To forge a compelling brand identity, the strategy focused on capturing the raw energy and passion inherent in gamers, weaving in motifs emblematic of gaming culture, and ensuring that the design was adaptable across diverse mediums.

Brand Creation

The name ‘Skull Gaming’ was chosen to represent the fearless spirit of the gaming community. A skull, often seen as a symbol of power, rebellion, and grit in popular culture, was deemed a perfect fit for the brand’s persona.

Visual Identity 

The logo was designed to be minimalist yet striking. A monochromatic palette was chosen, with a stylised skull merged with elements of a computer circuit pattern to ensure the brand was immediately recognisable as a gaming entity yet distinctive with its emblematic skull motif.

Brand Guidelines 

Social Media Templates & Marketing Peripherals

To further support the development and ensure the consistency of the brand, we furnished a suite of assets tailored for various marketing materials. Recognising the pivotal role of digital platforms for our target audience, we prioritised creating a brand presence that thrived in the social media realm. This led to the design of templates suitable for social media posts, cover photos, digital advertisements, promotional emails, event banners and pop-ups. These provisions guaranteed that Skull Gaming’s brand identity was consistent and influential, irrespective of the chosen platform.

Business Success

In conclusion, the meticulous planning, research, and design efforts culminated in a brand identity that stood out and deeply resonated with the target audience. Skull Gaming’s journey is a testament to the power of understanding one’s audience and crafting an identity that speaks directly to them.


What the client had to say

Paul Sidaway


Skull Gaming